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Music to write by.

My 160GB iPod is almost full, so I have quite a bit of music to choose from when I am writing. I don’t want to go all Stephenie Meyer and start listing particular songs that I write to, but I … Continue reading

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Writing habits

What are your writing habits? I’ve become fairly dedicated in my own habits since I redid my entire novel outline and came up with the New Plan. My week goes like this: Monday to Friday: 1hr per night, usually between … Continue reading

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I joined a writing club.

The city library has a creative writing club. It’s something I didn’t know about until I went looking at the program brochure for the fall, but apparently it’s been running for several years. Though nervous, I signed up. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Why Paris?

I’ve been fascinated with Paris for a long time. I’m not sure what first interested me, but once I started working on my BFA, Paris was always there.  It helps that the city has been a centre for the arts … Continue reading

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Sex? Yes please!

I was chatting to my mother about my novel, and she asked me if there was going to be any sex in it. I said yes, and she asked why. Firstly, I’d rather have sex in a novel than violence. … Continue reading

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Character Studies

I do some sort of study for the majority of my characters. But for the little bits and bobs for those peripheral characters, the ones that are passing through, or even just those people who might catch your eye as they’re … Continue reading

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Bienvenue and welcome.

Consider this my foray into Web 2.0 as I work on my novel. I keep reading about securing my ‘brand’, but as “alyssapalmer” and “” were taken, I’m using “alyssalinnpalmer” instead. Take that, people with my name! So…. the novel. … Continue reading

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