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Sleepless nights…

…often mean productivity for my writing, as those hours whiled away lying in bed usually include a whole host of images and ideas running through my mind. Last night, I came up with a title for my novel. (I’d had … Continue reading

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To use ‘think’ or ‘feel’? That is the question.

(feel: perceive, emotion, etc. / think: rational reasoning, objectivity) I lay awake at night for at least an hour before my mind can usually quiet itself enough for sleep. And last night, my mind was muttering about something that had … Continue reading

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Music: Tuba Skinny

This band from NOLA was just posted on BoingBoing. I hadn’t heard of them before, but after listening to a sample of their music on their website, I wanted to direct you their way. Their music is old-timey Dixieland jazz, … Continue reading

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Book review: A Very Private Gentleman

…aka. THE AMERICAN. By Martin Booth. I picked this book up at a friend’s place and with just the first line, I was hooked. High in these mountains, the Apennines, the spinal cord of Italy, with its vertebrae of infant … Continue reading

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The trouble with Sophie

In the first incarnation of my novel (now happily binned), my main character was a Canadian art history student. Unfortunately, no matter what I did to make her more interesting (including more of her back story, giving her more interests, … Continue reading

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What would I do without Google StreetView?

Some of my first research for my novel started out as recreational travel. I traveled to Paris in June of 2003 for 10 days. The city enchanted me, and it seemed the perfect place to set a story. I did … Continue reading

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