RIP Steve Jobs.

He was only 56. That’s far too young for anyone to die, and who knows what might have come from the brain of SJ in the future, and from Apple?

Of course Apple will go on, and I’m sure with Jon Ive designing, it’ll be awesome. But it won’t be the same without SJ.

I’ve been using Macs for a long time…. my elementary school had Apple II’s, but I didn’t get my own Mac until 2000/01, when I bought a Grape iMac off a friend of a friend. From then on, I was hooked. I even ended up being a tech at a computer lab on my university campus – one stocked only with Macs. No, I don’t have an iPad, or an iPhone, but my computers have all been Macs. (The aforementioned iMac, a white Macbook, and now a Macbook Pro that I adore.) I wouldn’t use anything else.

Thank you for the best computing experiences of my life, Steve. I’ll raise a glass to you.

Obituary at

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