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Wednesday Cat Blogging


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Book Review: The Boardroom, by Jade Buchanan

Do you need a fantastic short story to get you in the mood? Or do you just not have time to do a lot of reading? I just finished reading The Boardroom, by Jade Buchanan. It’s 6000 words of steamy, … Continue reading

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The Unabashed Francophile Post, Part 10: My Trip to Paris (2)

In re-reading my journal, I’d nearly forgotten that the summer of 2003 was a bad one for Paris. When I was there in June, the temperatures hovered around 30C, but later in the summer, a number of elderly people died … Continue reading

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The Unabashed Francophile Post, Part 9: My Trip to Paris (1)

I went to Paris in June of 2003, as a very generous birthday gift from my parents. My father was working there for six weeks. I hadn’t been working at all, having been diagnosed with a chronic illness, and without … Continue reading

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Quickie book recommendations #2

Today’s books are some of my more recent favourites. The first, I snagged from Carina Press on its release day. It’s a fantastic romantic tale set in Antarctica, with an emotionally bruised heroine who is immensely relatable. The second, I … Continue reading

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Black, White, or Grey?

I was watching an old Humphrey Bogart film the other day – HIGH SIERRA, from 1941 – and it got me thinking about the portrayals of good and bad in stories. Not only that, I started thinking about some of … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Grit City Emotobooks Revolutionize Fictional Storytelling, by Ron Gavalik

When I heard about Grit City on Twitter, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. I love noir, and I love art, and when I heard that Dillon Galway’s gun for hire was a sultry lady sharing my name, I had … Continue reading

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