Music: Mitsou

My first introduction to French music came when I was ten years old, in the form of Québécoise singer Mitsou, and the single Bye Bye, Mon Cowboy, as well as the album Terre des Hommes. Bye Bye, Mon Cowboy is the only French language song I can ever remember becoming a hit on the radio in English Canada. (There have probably been more since then, but I rarely listen to the radio.)

Is there any music from your childhood that helped to shape your adult tastes?

(This video by Mitsou was banned in Canada on its release in 1990, due to nudity. However, I watch it now and I think they have made too much of a fuss.)

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2 Responses to Music: Mitsou

  1. susielindau says:

    I admit it! I watched the whole video! Hahaha! From an artist’s perspective, it is stunning. From a woman’s perspective, it is hot!

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