Calgary Comic Expo 2012

Early Saturday morning.

You’ll probably remember my giddy posts last year when I met Julian Sands. This year, I wanted very much to meet James Marsters. I’d watched Buffy (though not religiously), and I loved his turn as Captain John Hart on Torchwood. So it made sense to try to get his autograph.

I’m quite thankful that I managed to get into the Expo bright and early, as there were issues later in the day about capacity, and the fire marshals shut down access.

I also managed to see (but not get autographs from — I’m not made of money) Chris Heyerdahl, David Prowse, and a quick glimpse of LeVar Burton. I would have liked to see the Phelps twins from Harry Potter, but the line there was…. well, I can only describe it as insane.

There were lots of artists and vendors to see, and I picked up a dress, as well as a fun t-shirt:

And below the cut, a few more photos from the day….

The original Batmobile on display.

And the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

'Puffy' Doctor Who magnets, picked up from an awesome artist-vendor. 13 in the set, and I think the Ninth Doctor and Amy Pond would have been an awesome pairing.

Will I go back next year? I suppose it’ll depend on the guests. This year’s Expo was extremely crowded due to the influx of fans  wanting to see the entire Star Trek TNG cast (I would have liked to, but it was just too crazy.) Next year I’d love to see more from HP (Jason Isaacs, Tom Felton), and if Julian Sands wanted to come back… well, I sure wouldn’t complain. 😉

(and hello to the JM fans at!)

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5 Responses to Calgary Comic Expo 2012

  1. I heard on the radio that it was closed by the fire marshall. unbelievable. glad you had a good time.

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  3. If I didn’t have a million things on my plate, I would have loved to have seen this one. Maybe another year . . .

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