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A teaser…

A little snippet for you from my WIP… Chicago, 1925      “Just a prostitute,” the young beat cop said, taking in the drowned woman’s attire. The remnants of a thin, dark dress clung to her waterlogged form, making her skin … Continue reading

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A new book!

I get excited over books. A new book by a favourite author? I’m dancing in the aisles of the bookstore (or tapping my fingers eagerly on the keys). So today, when the book has come in the mail (thank you … Continue reading

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Julian Sands does Harold Pinter. Julian Sands reads a poem by Harold Pinter, from the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. (WordPress won’t let me use the Telegraph’s code to embed the flash video, so you’ll have to check it out at the link above.) I’m … Continue reading

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To use ‘think’ or ‘feel’? That is the question.

(feel: perceive, emotion, etc. / think: rational reasoning, objectivity) I lay awake at night for at least an hour before my mind can usually quiet itself enough for sleep. And last night, my mind was muttering about something that had … Continue reading

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