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A little bit off the beaten track…

I’ve been enjoying a series of books, via their audiobook editions, in the last few months. Originally I wasn’t sure how much I’d like them, but now I feel like I’m addicted. I can’t get enough, though hearing the audiobook … Continue reading

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A new book!

I get excited over books. A new book by a favourite author? I’m dancing in the aisles of the bookstore (or tapping my fingers eagerly on the keys). So today, when the book has come in the mail (thank you … Continue reading

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The Unabashed Francophile Post, Part 9: My Trip to Paris (1)

I went to Paris in June of 2003, as a very generous birthday gift from my parents. My father was working there for six weeks. I hadn’t been working at all, having been diagnosed with a chronic illness, and without … Continue reading

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Quickie book recommendations #2

Today’s books are some of my more recent favourites. The first, I snagged from Carina Press on its release day. It’s a fantastic romantic tale set in Antarctica, with an emotionally bruised heroine who is immensely relatable. The second, I … Continue reading

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Welcome to Bandit Creek!

In the spring of 2011, a group of authors got together and created the town of Bandit Creek, Montana, nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Everything happens in Bandit Creek: we have paranormal romances, mysteries, historical, you name it. We cover … Continue reading

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Shakespeare & Company: La Meilleure Librairie

Oh how I love this bookshop. I sometimes wish I could own a bookshop like this, or have my apartment be filled with books so that it resembles the shop’s interior. There’s just something so cosy about the shop, with … Continue reading

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Blurbs on French books.

A fascinating post, via Maitresse, on blurbs on French books… or really, the lack thereof. (Original French text here, but Maitresse summarises in English.) …in France, authors are identified as belonging to a particular publishing house, and for a Gallimard … Continue reading

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