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Movie: In a Lonely Place

I’m a writer, and noir is my chosen genre. Hence, most of my favourite films have some relation to the genre, and In a Lonely Place, starring Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame, is one that left a mark. I hadn’t … Continue reading

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2011: My Year in Review

2011 was huge. I finished my novel THE PARIS GAME, all 82,000 words of it. (Still submitting it, but hopefully someone will bite in the new year!) I joined the Calgary chapter of RWA in March after meeting some of … Continue reading

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The Unabashed Francophile Post, Part 9: My Trip to Paris (1)

I went to Paris in June of 2003, as a very generous birthday gift from my parents. My father was working there for six weeks. I hadn’t been working at all, having been diagnosed with a chronic illness, and without … Continue reading

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Article: Don’t Write What You Know

From The Atlantic, by Bret Johnston. (read the full article here) He writes: Instead of thinking of my experiences as structures I wanted to erect in fiction, I started conceiving of them as the scaffolding that would be torn down … Continue reading

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RWA 2011, Part 1: The Conference

The idea of dropping $2K+ on a one-week writers conference for the Romance Writers of America had me feeling queasy, but as I’d decided back in January, I certainly wasn’t going back. I landed at Newark on Monday, June 27th, … Continue reading

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The Unabashed Francophile Post, Part 1: Le Bilboquet

I’ve been posting mostly about writing, and books, but I haven’t really posted anything about France. Given the heading of this blog, I’ve been neglecting its subject matter. Thus far I have only traveled to Paris, though I would eventually … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m alive.

Sick with a sore throat at present, but also writing daily. I’m at the Big Climax part of my novel, and it’s taking all of my concentration. A couple of books to recommend to you (both romances I’ve read recently): … Continue reading

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