Music: Bellewether ‘Finding David’

L to R: Graham, Oksana, Carol-Anne & Andrew of Bellewether

Last Saturday night at the Quality Inn (Airport), I was fortunate to be treated to an evening of music by Calgary band Bellewether, a quartet of talented musicians celebrating the release of their album ‘Finding David’. (Their opening act was singer/songwriter Christina Helen Marie, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how good her music was too. I hope she’ll release an album soon.)

Bellewether’s live show was fantastic. Lots of banter between songs (perhaps Oksana and Carol-Anne are thinking about alternate gigs as comedians? Maybe?) and great music. Vocally the group is fronted by Oksana and Carol-Anne, and the two have great harmony.

Their album is just as good as their live show. Split into two Acts, with instrumental tracks, it is (in the words of Oksana, during one bantering moment) based upon a dream. The tracks flow into one another and create an excellent listening experience. I’ve listened to it while writing, and  it’s just right. I’m already looking forward to the next album, and to the next live show.

Check out their website at and listen to tracks at MySpace. Buy the album at iTunes.

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