Book Review: The Creed Legacy

The Creed Legacy, by Linda Lael Miller. (website)

This is the third (and final?) book in LLM’s Creed series, and it features Brody Creed, the twin of Conner (in Creed’s Honor) and cousin of Steven (in A Creed in Stone Creek). But Brody is different from Conner and Steven. He’s never stopped moving, and in the last few years has had little contact with his family. But now he’s back in Lonesome Bend, attempting to settle down. He buys land and becomes a part of the community, but something is missing. His friend and occasional bed-partner Jolene isn’t to his taste anymore, but there’s no one that he could fall in love with. Or so he thinks.

Carolyn Simmons has finally been able to settle down: after years of being a house-sitter for wealthy folks in and around Lonesome Bend, she has a place of her own. She’s partnered with Conner’s wife Tricia to open up a store and art gallery, and she’s living in Natty’s apartment with Winston the cat. She’s always had a thing for Brody, and now that he’s back in town, the old memories resurface.

As would be expected, the two knock heads, each being rather stubborn. The blossoming interest and tension between them was fantastic. As this is a romance novel, one expects an HEA (‘happily ever after’), but the story is in the journey. Carolyn and Brody are each figuring out the ups and downs of finally putting down roots. Carolyn’s past has as much heartache as Brody’s, but they both have to learn to put the past behind them.

As interesting as their journey was, my favourite part of the book was finally learning about what made Brody tick. Why he’d left home, why he’d stayed away, and what his deep dark secrets entailed. None of which I shall mention here. You’ll have to read the book. It’s being released on June 28, 2011.

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